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Attendance Matters


Attendance Matters!

Attendance Clerk: Angelita Mendoza

Phone number: 940-235-1113

New Attendance Procedures
Attendance in school is one of the key components of educating students today. Students must be in their seats eager, ready and willing to learn. The attendance office of WFISD has been visiting students and parents to encourage their attendance daily. New Procedures and guidelines have been established to encourage daily attendance in all WFISD schools.

  1. Excessive absences can generally result in retention in middle schools. Students generally may not miss more than 18 days per year. (excused or unexcused absences combined)
  2. It is important to call the school when your child is absent and follow up with a written note. Notes must be received by the school within 72 hours following an absence.
  3. The following guidelines will be followed for verified unexcused absences:
    1. 3rd Absence – Letter of Warning
    2. 5th Absence – Letter of Warning
    3. 7th - 10th Absence (or parts of days) – Referral to attendance office for ticket (summons) to appear in court.
  4. 2009-2010 court ordered students: 3rd Absence or parts of days within a four week period – Referral to attendance office for ticket (summons) to appear in court.

Students Stay in School and earn a quality education. The choice is yours!!

If you know of someone that is not in school daily or has not enrolled with WFISD, please call 235-1100.